While designing our leather products, we were inspired by the perfection and attention to the details. Leather card holders and leather wallets are just a few products that we design. We chose to create handheld accessories since it’s the only way to make sure that every detail comes close to perfection. Handicraft accessories have a special uniqueness, with a subtle difference from one product to another. In addition to that, the lifespan of the hand crafted product is remarkable. That is why we use the traditional technique, which supports our arguments.

First of all, our intention is to design unique accessories that will become part of your everyday life. We want to create accessories that perfectly fit your character, complement you and allow you to improve your style. That is why we want to create the perfect add-on for you, giving you the freedom to be involved in designing every detail. Furthermore, we want the ordering procedure to be dynamic, based on the dialogue.

VERA HANDMADE does not make compromises in designing the product. Therefore, the materials used are of the highest quality using the traditional methods for their processing. The leather comes from ethical sources that are in accordance with all world regulations.

VERA HANDMADE are all products made by hand , by skilled craftsmen who guarantee a high level of product quality.

VERA HANDMADE makes all its products using exclusively top leather which has all necessary certificates. Every section of the product is made from the leather which guarantees unlimited durability.

VERA HANDMADE manufactures all the products in a craft workshop equipped with traditional machines that provide a high level of finishing.